Font Preview


“Welcome to ‘NAGASHAKI,’ a brush font that gracefully combines the beauty of Japanese art with elegant ink strokes. This font brings the essence of Japanese calligraphy into every character, creating a traditional ambiance and a natural ink appearance.

‘NAGASHAKI’ is not just a font; it’s a window into the exquisite world of Japanese art. Its unique characteristics blend classical elements with contemporary design flexibility. The font seamlessly merges Japanese elegance with artistic brushstrokes, resulting in a captivating harmony.

With ‘NAGASHAKI,’ you can infuse your designs with the essence of Japanese art, drawing inspiration from Japan’s rich culture and nature. Craft messages that flow like the finest ink on washi paper and let typography become the language that embraces your audience with Japanese beauty.”

Here’s what you’ll get :

    • OTF
    • TTF
    • WOFF
    • Uppercase
    • Lowercase
    • Numbers & punctuation
    • Symbols
    • Accented characters


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